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I Take the Confusion Out of Pruning

 Your garden looked so nice when the plants went in. But oh how they've grown! Shrubs are smothering the plants around them, vines have run haywire, and it's all starting to have a wild, almost abandoned look (at least, it feels that way).


Pruning seems so confusing - who can remember all those do's and don'ts? You don't want to mess anything up, but letting your plants go just isn't working! 


Having a guide is the best way to skip a lot of the error in "trial and error". You don't want to dedicate tons of time to sorting through conflicting advice online. You want someone who can show you what to do to improve your pruning NOW. 

I'm going to tell you a secret

Pruning isn't nearly as confusing as it seems. In my online pruning courses, I lay out exactly what you need to know to beautifully prune your plants.

 Stop second-guessing and get right to good pruning. 



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I make pruning make sense!

I'm Ellie Bender. I'm an arborist and pruning coach. But before that, I was a gardener who thought pruning was something I couldn't grasp. I know how confusing pruning is when you're starting out, and I know how satisfying it is when you get the hang of it! 

Even if you are a new gardener who doesn't know eleagnus from elephants, or secateurs from suction cups, you can learn to prune with skill and confidence. 

Tips for transplanting

Need to move a plant, but afraid of killing it? Download my free guide and learn how to do it right!


Tips for better transplanting! Move those plants around without worrying about killing them. My free guide shows you how!