The Pruning Playbook

Ground Level Founders 

Finally get rid of the confusion around pruning, and make your yard a unique reflection of you! The Pruning Playbook provides a step-by-step method that will allow you to prune any plant so that you can make your garden both healthy and beautiful.

This is the first time this course has been offered, and joining as a Founder means you help shape the course. This is your opportunity to learn pruning in a small group, with personalized attention. You'll get started right away, and you'll save money too! Founders join for half of what the course will cost when it becomes available to the general public.

Pruning doesn't have to be confusing. It can be rewarding, satisfying, and empowering. Yes, empowering. When you master something you thought you would never learn, you begin to feel like you can take on anything in the garden and in life!

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What to expect

The Pruner's Playbook is a 6-week course that is made up of weekly video calls which you can attend live or watch at your leisure in replay. 

In addition to the 6 modules, you will get:

  • one 1/2 hour call with us to discuss your pruning goals and answer your questions
  • Our video on cleaning and sharpening your tools
  • Our Plant Assessment checklist to help you create pruning goals and figure out where to start



We aren't going to drown you in information you have to sift through.  We will cover everything you need to know without overwhelming you with information.


Being part of a small group means getting focused attention. We want you to get the most out of this experience. The course will be tailored to your specific needs and we are committed to answering all of your questions. 


The next time this course is offered it will be twice the cost. Don't let another season slip away from you. Get in at the Founders level to save time and money! 

Ellie Bender and Jo Lowery

We are both ISA Certified Arborists with thriving pruning businesses in the Seattle area. We enjoy coaching gardeners in pruning their garden to reflect their own personal style. With over 20 years collective experience, we have gone through all the trial and error for you! 


Before coming to pruning, Jo ran a successful espresso machine repair shop for many years, and Ellie went to school to become a midwife. More than business partners, we are family (aunt and niece), and we find great joy in working together to spread our method of developing a "pruner's eye".

What does your garden say about you?

Imagine your garden as a place that soothes and feeds you, instead of overwhelming you. Create a garden that uniquely reflects your style, your taste, and your authentic self. With our step-by-step approach, you will quickly gain the confidence you need to shape any plant.

Take on anything in the garden and in life!


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