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The Pruner's Eye

Have you ever thought that “pruning is too confusing”? You’re not alone! We know how overwhelming pruning can feel and want to show how simple it actually can be when broken down into a few key practices for you to apply to any plant you find.
We’ve organized the elements of pruning into easily accessible steps. Each new step builds on the previous ones giving you confidence from the first snip.
We’ll help you develop your own “pruners eye” so that you can see the form your plants want to take and recognize the growth that makes them feel cluttered. No more memorizing overwhelming lists of rules and tips. No more wondering if you are pruning at the wrong time. Don’t let another season pass you by!

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Ellie Bender & Jo Lowery

We are both ISA Certified Arborists with thriving pruning businesses in the Seattle area. We enjoy coaching gardeners in pruning their garden to reflect their own personal style. With over 20 years collective experience, we have gone through all the trial and error for you! 


Before coming to pruning, Jo ran a successful espresso machine repair shop for many years, and Ellie went to school to become a midwife. More than business partners, we are family (aunt and niece), and we find great joy in working together to spread our method of developing a "pruner's eye".

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When do I prune _____?

Our timing cheat sheet gives you the right time to prune, at a glance!